High Efficiency Solar Cell Using Adaptive Self-Cooling. [2105 - 2016] This is an award-winning project that uses an adaptively controlled thermoelectric heat pump, powered by a solar panel's own energy, to keep its temperature under control, thereby increasing its conversion efficiency and lowering the cost per watt of electricity produced [Slides] [Video]. The project was exhibited at the 2016 National Maker Faire, Washington, DC, and received numerous awards at other Science Fairs including:

  • 1st Place and Best of Category Award, at the 2016 International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF)
  • Caltech Innovation Exploration Award at the 2016 ISEF
  • 2016 IEEE Foundation President's Scholarship
  • Development of a Novel Eco-Friendly Thermoelectric Air-Conditioning System. [2013 - 2014] A novel dc operated thermoelectric air conditioning system is developed that consumes significantly less energy than a vapor compression unit of similar size operating under identical heat loads. In addition, a method for optimizing the currents in each stage of a two-stage cascaded thermoelectric cooling system is developed theoretically and confirmed experimentally for the first time. The project was awarded 2nd place in the International Sustainable World (Energy, Engineering & Environment) Project Olympiad (I-SWEEEP), 2014.

    Study of Infrared (IR) Absorption in Water and its Application in Filtering Heat Energy from Solar Radiation [2012] In this project it is shown experimentally that water absorbs IR much more effectively than it absorbs visible light. This result is then applied to two practical cases: (a) filtering of IR radiation in sunlight before it enters the window of a house resulting in lower energy consumption, and (b) filtering IR from sunlight incident on a solar cell resulting in a higher solar cell voltage.The project was awarded 1st place in the Texas Science and Engineering Fair, 2012 and was a semifinalist in the 2012 Broadcom Masters competition.

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